What Is A Steroid?

Technically (AAS) Anabolic Androgen Steroids are actually known more commonly as Anabolic Steroids.

A question may arise: What Is A Steroid?

A Steroid is a drug that resembles with Testosterone a male hormone. It helps to build up muscles by protein synthesis. Its also known as an Androgenic Steroid. These Steroids cause the development of develop masculine features such as the development of body hair, vocal chords etc. these types of Steroids were introduced in the year 1930 and are now used vigorously.

Medical uses of it are for enhancing the growth of bones and it is also used in cancer and AIDS patients. AAS are used to build muscles in case of body builders. These types of Steroids are mainly used in bodybuilding for performance enhancing purpose. The Steroid Deca Durabolin is mainly used for treating AIDS as this enhances muscle mass as well as cell building.

The mineral content of bones is balanced by the use of these Steroids. In addition the tissue problems, from which the athletes usually face a lot of problems, are also treated by these hormones. But one thing should be kept in mind that this Deca Steroid should be used at least 10-12 weeks at a stretch.

Testosterone Enanthate resembles with Testosterone. This hormone builds better muscle tissue and also the firmness of the liver as well. The motion of satellite muscle is also increased by this hormone. Sometimes the muscles may be damaged due to huge exercise thus can be treated by this kind of hormones. The blood cell production of red corpuscles is also done by this hormone.

Even diseases like coronary thrombosis also can be prevented by use of this hormone. Scientists discovered that particularly such type of Steroids can decrease the level of cholesterol in some cases. But there are some side effects can be faced by this hormone such as acne, loss of hair and even prostate may be enlarged because of its side effect. Because of extensive use, the natural hormonal system may be shut down. As it is said that the more you use this hormone the more side effects will occur.

Steroid Abuse

There is nothing more dangerous or scarier for a person than the thought of addiction for drugs. They can ruin our live or even kill us. There are many types of drugs that are used and in different shapes. One type of f drugs that are very dangerous especially because people don’t see them this way are steroids.

There are many people that are using them, especially men and this is even worse considering that there are a lot of teenagers that are using them in order to increase their muscular weight. Because there are so many that are taking steroids without a very good developed plan or whit no plan at all, there are a lot of cases when the use is done in abuse and the certain person because addicted to them.

One of the oldest steroids that are used in body building is Dianabol. It is know that Dianabol has been used since the Second World War, when this was not used only for the strength of the Russian soldiers but also because of the mood that they were obtaining after using it, which made them cruel.

When this steroid is used with abuse the side effects of it can be seen much rapidly and some of them cannot be reversed. It is said that with the abuse of steroids like Dianabol the person can suffer from side effects like baldness and acne. Also, which is more important is that the steroid can affect also the internal organs like the liver and the heart. If the intake of steroids is not stopped as soon as possible and the abuse is still continued than the person can suffer from liver insufficiency or cause serious and irreparable damages to the heart.

The abuse of Dianabol can cause also really serious mental problem that might continue even after the intake is ceased if until that moment this has been used in excess. There are mood changes and the person is very irascible and cannot adapt in society and does not want to have people around him making him extremely confused.

The most dangerous think that should worry us is that when there is abuse of steroids means that probably there is also addiction to the drug. Since there isn’t too much information about the use of steroids and the side effects of them, especially in schools there are a lot of people that are suffering over the use of it.